How much should you tip a chauffeur? Should you tip at all? what should you tip abroad? here’s a guide to clear things up.


As a chauffeur company, this is a slightly awkward question for us to answer. It’s not our place to tell customers whether they should tip, or how much they should tip. However, as this seems to be a common dilemma for many of our customers, we will provide you with some relevant and impartial information to help you with your decision.


Firstly, an important point to note is that tipping in the UK is by no means obligatory.

If you’ve been to the US and failed to tip because the service you received was not up to scratch, you’ll know just how badly this is received. Even for an average service you’ll be expected to leave a tip. But in the UK the culture is different and tipping is usually reserved as a reward for a particularly good service.

Many chauffeur driven car and limo passengers do choose to tip, but you should feel no pressure to do so. Your decision is completely at your discretion and a professional driver in the UK won’t be put out if they are not tipped.



A tip is a reward for good performance. Chauffeurs and limo drivers are paid a wage, so a tip should been seen as an extra, a bonus for providing an exemplary service. If you feel like you have received a superb service, giving the driver a tip is a generous way to show your appreciation.

However, a good driver will also appreciate that different cultures have different perspectives on tipping. They will know that if you don’t tip, it’s nothing personal and they should provide the same level or service without expecting extra payment.

A chauffeur might exhibit exemplary service if they:

  • Go out of their way to be friendly, courteous and professional
  • Drive impeccably – did you feel safe and comfortable for the whole journey?
  • Turn up with a spotlessly clean car that’s a pleasure to travel in



If you’ve decided to tip, you need to think about how much the service you’ve received is worth. In the UK any tip is completely discretionary and drivers will be grateful for any amount.

However, if you’d like some guidance on the kinds of tips drivers often receive here’s a brief guide:

  • Did the chauffeur offer a good but unexceptional service? – Tip 10 percent
  • Was the chauffeur friendly, attentive and provided a comfortable ride? – Tip 15 percent
  • Did the chauffeur go out of their way to offer exceptional service every step of the way? – Tip 15-20 percent



Different cultures have a different perspective on tips. In some countries tipping is virtually non-existent, while in others, it’s expected. Before leaving any tip, you should also check whether a gratuity is included in the price. If it is, you don’t need to tip at all.


There are no hard and fast rules to tipping in Australia. Wages in Australia are comparatively high, so the obligation to tip is less than in other countries. The short answer is – you never have to tip if you don’t want to, but it will always be appreciated.


Unlike so many other countries, tipping is simply not expected by the majority of service provides in Japan. Good service is delivered as standard, so tips are simply not required.


Wages in the Emirates are relatively low, so although tips are not expected, consider tipping 10 percent for a safe, comfortable journey.


Drivers in the US expect a tip, and will probably be insulted if they don’t receive one. Tips for drivers tend to hover around the 20 percent mark for a good service. Even if the service you receive is average, you would still be expected to tip 10 percent to avoid a potential disagreement.


The rule of thumb tends to be to simply round up, so if the bill is €64, round it up to €70. If you are happy with the service, a tip of 5-10 percent is good, and 10-15 percent is generous. However, in many cases a service charge will be included, so be sure to check that first.

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